LogXD™ is a windows-based software that allows users to visualize, process, and interpret LWD/MWD and wireline logs in high-angle and horizontal wells. It is designed for applications in pre-drill response-modeling and feasibility-studies, real-time pro-active geosteering, and post-drill integrated data interpretation. LogXD™ has a software architecture that is tailored to the horizontal well environment and thus is a powerful tool for achieving the geosteering objective.

LogXD™ stands for Log interpretation with eXtra Dimensions:
  • Visualization of logs and reservoirs in a multidimensional space rather than a 1D display as a function of measured depth
  • Integrated tool response modeling and inversion to extract information otherwise not readily available
  • Introduction of constraints along with proper workflows

LogXD™ is the only independent software available for licensing with LWD azimuthal propagation resistivity response modeling and interpretation for all major vendors.

Main Applications

Data (log, image, well path, seismic image ...) visualization on a vertical curtain defined by the well trajectory, besides the traditional data display as function of measured depth.
All the above + interpretation for well placement application, e.g., using formation model building & log correlation between wells to define the relationship between well trajectory & geologic targets.
All the above + pre-drill model-building and tool-response prediction, real-time geosteering for optimal well placement, and post-drill analysis for best well performance. Interpretation is aided and validated by tool response modeling & inversion.
All the above + advanced interpretation of azimuthal propagation resistivity tool responses to achieve boundary-detection and proactive geosteering.